Very Beautiful, These Types Of Flowers Are Often Used As A Wedding Bouquet

A wedding without the presence of all kinds of flowers seems less elegant. Flowers have always been the main decoration in weddings, from room decorations to bridal dining table decorations, so you have to pay attention to the flower shop where you will decide. Some people prefer various kinds of imitation flowers, but there’s nothing wrong with using all kinds of real flowers, especially inĀ .

Roses are often used in various events, especially red roses. This makes the rose seem very traditional. However, you don’t need to worry about this impression. By using your creativity, you can change the traditional impression of these types of flowers to be more contemporary and still convey the meaning of the purity of love.

At first glance, this flower is similar to a rose but in fact, the two flowers differ in their petals. Ranunculus petals are rounder than a rose. These types of flowers are known as charismatic flowers. Because it is similar to a rose, Ranunculus can also symbolize the femininity and tenderness of a bride.

Unlike the others, Hydrangea will look big and voluminous when blooming. This advantage makes you not need to use a lot of hydrangeas when arranging a flower bouquet, just one to two stalks. Combine it with a small flower like a daisy and a few stalks of Eucalyptus flowers.

Baby’s Breath
Baby’s breath flowers are known as a complement to a flower bouquet due to their small size. However, these types of flowers can also be used as your flower bouquet without the presence of other types of flowers. Using baby breath flowers in your wedding can exude a symbol of purity and the power of eternal love. These types of flowers can be used in decorations, flower bouquets, to small flowers that are installed on the left or right side of the groom’s chest.

You can choose the kinds of flowers according to your taste. If you like more than one type of flower above, you can combine them in such away. It could be that your combined flower bouquet looks more elegant and awesome than a single flower bouquet. Each flower has its meaning. Don’t make the wrong choice, OK!

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