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Get to know black magic shipments from various countries

The sending of black magic is inappropriate to do because it aims to harm others from a great distance using black magic. This knowledge is used with various other media, such as hair, photographs, dolls, incense, various flowers, nails, and so on. In some countries, their black magic rituals are of course different, one of which is Japan. Now the doll who was given the power of black magic in the country of Sakura is known as Wara Ningyo. The Japanese way of transmitting black magic is very different.

There the witch or black magician performs the Ushinokoku ritual. By going to a nearby Shinto shrine at two in the morning, dressed all in white, white headband tucked two candles around the headband. Then they will stab the Wara Ningyo doll using Go Sun Kugi (15cm wooden nail) and those who do witchcraft will imagine the doll he stabbed as the person he hates. Isn’t it scary?

Modernization does not necessarily dull the existence of black magic. This big country with a modernized level of technology and knowledge that is so advanced is that it is not immune from a practice of magic and the transmission of black magic. Even in America, there are witchcraft associations or shamans whose names are quite popular in the community. Moving to an Asian region that is thick with customs, one of the countries such as China, a country with trade market power and the ruler of the business world. Behind the wealth and belief in gods, it turns out that they also believe in witchcraft and black magic.

Finally, the most famous in the world is Africa which is rich in black magic. In Africa, the Akodessewa market, to be precise, sells magic tools and witchcraft freely. There is witchcraft and others applied. Voodoo dolls and amulets are used by Africans.