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The Importance Of HVAC

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioner) functions to maintain ambient air conditions to protect equipment, and personal comfort by regulating ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC is of vital use in several industries, especially in buildings, offices filled with computer equipment that needs to be kept humid, as well as large industries that require a good ventilation system. However, without proper maintaining, the system could create a problem. When you find a problem, make sure to get help from columbia sc hvac service. A professional will fix the HVAC problem without a hassle and quickly.

The HVAC system is very important in a building. This system is widely used in areas with cold climates, where all season is dominated by cold temperatures. The furnace functions as a heat source which is transferred to a water medium called hydronic in the boiler. Hydronic circulates thanks to the work of the heat pump, which is then from the boiler, hydronic goes to the radiator to transfer the heat it contains into circulated air. This air is used to heat the room. Ventilation is the process of circulating the air in a room with outside air, which aims to remove dust, humidity, unpleasant odors, carbon dioxide, heat, bacteria in the air, and regenerate oxygen in the room. There are two types of ventilation, namely forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Forced ventilation is a ventilation system that uses the help of a fan to circulate air in the room. This system is widely used in large industries, buildings, and the examples closest to us are in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Air Conditioning (AC) in HVAC uses the principle of the cooling engine cycle, which consists of several important parts, namely the refrigerant, compressor, heat exchanger, and expansion valve. There is a medium called a liquid chiller that is used. There is one strong reason why air conditioners used in large buildings use liquid chillers. Due to the large volume of air circulating in the building, it will be much more efficient to use liquid chiller media so that the energy required for air conditioning operations is lower than without using a liquid chiller.