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These Are Common Mistakes In Gardening

Gardening is not an activity as long as planting on the ground. Many things need to be understood when starting gardening. For beginners, there are common mistakes in gardening that you must know to be successful in the future. Like all other living things, read more here have specific needs regarding the factors needed to support their life. Soil, sun, water, and others vary in requirements for each plant. This is what is usually less attention of beginners who want to quickly plant. For those of you who are going to start gardening, avoid some common mistakes in gardening, including knowing the direction of the sun and how the garden is or where to plant. Also find out how long the sun has been exposed to the west, east, south, or north of the house. On whichever side of the pot, you can put. Also, pay attention to access to water sources, making sure it is not far from the planting location.

Another common mistake in gardening is the origin of growing plants. Indeed, when the idea of ??gardening feels tempting, you tend to ignore the type of plant. We recommend that you don’t just buy or plant a lot of seeds or seeds. Plant what you and your family like to consume. That way, we are excited about caring for them and the garden brings optimal benefits. Plants that require partial shade need shade (in the shade of trees or other sources of shade) and can get 3-6 hours of sun exposure per day. Loose and fertile soil is the key to plant development. Do not just use planting media or clay. Make sure the soil can store water, contain nutrients, and are loose. The trick is to mix the soil, fertilizer, wet husks, and roasted husks in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. Most vegetables and nuts need full sun. However, lettuce, for example, needs shade. The need for each plant for sunlight is quite specific. The key, research.