Mistakes When Washing Clothes Are Rarely Realized

Washing clothes is not an easy matter. Washing isn’t just about putting clothes in the washing machine and then taking them out when they’re clean. Some mistakes when washing can damage clothes. Washing requires a proper preparation. Many people make some common mistakes when washing. Starting from the amount of detergent used to the details in the washing process. If you are not careful, mistakes in washing can damage clothes and the washing machine itself. For that, avoid some of the following mistakes that are common when washing clothes that can damage your washing machine because if the washing machine is damaged, you can contact Repair WP.

Many people think that clothes will be cleaner if you use large amounts of detergent. The facts say otherwise. Using too much detergent can create an excess of suds that will not completely disappear during rinsing. The excess foam leaves a sticky residue that attracts more dirt, dust, and germs. Apart from separating the laundry by color, you are also advised to sort clothes by type of material or fabric. Separate laundry with more heavy materials such as denim and sweaters from lighter fabrics such as t-shirts or shirts. This method is done to prevent abrasion and damage to the finer fabrics.

Don’t forget to always wash towels, sheets, and other bulky items separately from your clothes. The reason is, some heavier materials take a long time to dry. Many people wash their trousers with the zipper open. An open zipper can make other fabrics get stuck during the washing process in the washing machine. To prevent damage to other clothing, take the time to close the zipper before washing. Unlike zippers, buttons on shirts should be left open when washing. This is done to prevent tearing of the buttonholes and to protect the button threads from being pulled during washing.

The washing machine can trap moisture and promote the presence of bacteria around it. This can lead to mold and unpleasant odors. To keep the washing machine free from bacteria and odors, leave the cover open after the washing process. Let the area dry completely, and then close it after a few hours.

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